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Approved Daily Burns Today is 2019-11-14

Smoke Unit NumberBurn NumberBurn NameIgnition DateApproved AcresLocationNotes
ASF0701BMarsh Broadcast2019-11-1426Location (34.305, -110.02672000000001)
ASF206BRim Lakes Broadcast2019-11-14964Location (34.4018130153812, -111.02656239941717)
COF0731BVictorine2019-11-141000Location (34.53546145141621, -111.10677365112303)
PNF1703BNorth Spruce2019-11-14156Location (34.481015053211024, -112.41178536454868)Watch impacts to Prescott. Ignition cannot occur if the Prescott Portable Particle Monitor 24-Hour Running Average is at/or above 35.5ug/m^3. You can view the monitor readings at:

Weather Today is 2019-11-14

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