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REMINDER: All burn requests are due by 2 pm the business day BEFORE your planned ignition day. Burn requests for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are due by 2 pm Friday. 

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Info: There are no daily messages from ADEQ for 2023-11-28.

Approved Burns for Today, 2023-11-28

Approved Daily Burns Today is 2023-11-28

Burn NumberBurn NameIgnition DateApproved AcresLocationNotes
ASD2002BKanab Creek2023-11-2820Location (36.7, -112.6)
ASF629PEast Zone Piles (Springerville)2023-11-285Location (34.0, -109.4)
ASF631BPole Knoll2023-11-28500Location (34.0, -109.5)
ASF631BWhiting Broadcast2023-11-28500Location (34.1, -109.5)
TNF0401PPayson Pits2023-11-281Location (34.3, -111.2)
TNF0401PPayson Pits2023-11-281Location (34.3, -111.2)

Accomplished Daily Burns Today is 2023-11-28

Burn NumberBurn NameIgnition DateBurned AcresLocation
ASF629PEast Zone Piles (Springerville)2023-11-280Location (34.0, -109.4)
ASF631BWhiting Broadcast2023-11-280Location (34.1, -109.5)
TNF0401PPayson Pits2023-11-280Location (34.3, -111.2)
TNF0401PPayson Pits2023-11-280Location (34.3, -111.2)

Prescribed Fires on Tribal Land Today is 2023-11-28

(ADEQ does not have jurisdiction over prescribed fires on tribal land. The information below is for informational purposes only and may not represent every prescribed fire on tribal land.)
Burn NumberBurn NameIgnition DateAcresLocationNotes
2023-11-28100Location (34.0, -110.6)
2023-11-28200Location (34.0, -110.0)

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