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REMINDER: All burn requests are due by 2 pm the business day BEFORE your planned ignition day. Burn requests for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are due by 2 pm Friday. 

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For Tuesday, 4/23/2024:

TNF0409B - Rim Country (100 acres)

High (Payson, Star Valley, SR-260, Freedom Acres, Beaver Creek Estates, SR-87, Gisela, Rye, SR-188, Tonto Basin)

Highest concentrations expected between 0200-0800. Morning residual smoke will lift and disperse out of the area by 0800-0900.

Burner must contact ADEQ before ignitions. Ignitions must stop by 1530



Info: There are no daily messages from ADEQ for 2024-04-22.

Approved Burns for Today, 2024-04-22

Approved Daily Burns Today is 2024-04-22

Burn NumberBurn NameIgnition DateApproved AcresLocationNotes
A1S222BFlagstaff WUI2024-04-22200Location (35.1, -111.5)
ASF0774BRodeo-Chediski Broadcast East2024-04-221186Location (34.2, -110.2)
PNF0337PWest Zone Piles2024-04-2275Location (34.4, -112.5)
TNF0409BRim Country2024-04-222500Location (34.3, -111.2)

Accomplished Daily Burns Today is 2024-04-22

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Prescribed Fires on Tribal Land Today is 2024-04-22

(ADEQ does not have jurisdiction over prescribed fires on tribal land. The information below is for informational purposes only and may not represent every prescribed fire on tribal land.)
Info: There are no burns on tribal land for 2024-04-22.

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